Dry Batching Concrete Plants
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Advantages of Dry Batching Fixed Plant:

  • Complete Batching Plant with 2 x100 Ton Silos
  • Filter Units on Silos
  • 2 x 250 Meter x 6 Meter Incline Screw Conveyors
  • 8 Cubic Meter Batches
  • 60 Cubic Meters per hour
  • Lockable Bottom Section on Silo with Door
  • Load Testing Device
  • Cement Discharge into Head Box of Conveyor (no spillage)
  • Optional Cat Ladder or Staircase
  • Pneumatic operated Radial Doors with Compressor
  • No Aeration required on Silos (60° Cone Epoxy Coated on the inside)
  • Short Erection time
  • Filter Unit on Cement Weigh Bin
  • Transport Pads and Lifting Lugs on Silos
Dry Batching Concrete PlantsDry Batching Concrete Plants
  • 8 Cubic Meter batch
  • 60 Cubic Meters of Concrete per hour
Dry Batching Concrete Plants