Dry Batching Concrete Plants
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Advantages of Dry Batching Mobile Plant:

  • Cement Silo 2 x Compartments - 52 Tons Cement and 42 Tons Fly Ash
  • 8 Cubic Meter Batch
  • 60 Cubic Meter per hour
  • No Concrete Foundations
  • No Crane required for Erection
  • Unit completely Mobile (can be moved with 3 Trucks only)
  • Load Testing Device
  • Short Erection time required
  • No Aeration required on Silos (60° Cone Epoxy Coated on the inside)
Dry Batching Concrete PlantsDry Batching Concrete Plants
  • 8 Cubic Meter Batch
  • 60 Cubic Meters of Concrete per hour


  • We can create any Mobile size up to 100 Tons Cement or 80 Tons of Fly Ash or a 60/40 combination of both with separate Screw Conveyors and Filters (Depending on the customers requirements)
  • Debagging Station where Bulk Cement is not available
  • - Load Cells on Silos if required
  • - Manual operated or fully Automated Plants
  • Filters on Silos
Dry Batching Concrete Plants